I’m going to stop the OptiFast program, but not stop my weight loss efforts. A lot of different things lead me to this point. But, first and foremost, the OptiFast 800 program is meant to last a set number of weeks. I’ve reached the transition phase anyway – just haven’t started it. OptiFast has also done what I expected/wanted it to:

  • Lost almost 50 pounds
  • Broke my sugar addiction
  • Gave me a break from all the unhealthy junk I was eating
  • Really helped me up my water intake game

Tomorrow is my weekly OptiFast check-in so I’m going to talk to the nutritionist about moving forward with transition. My goal is to be fully transitioned back to food by the end of October. My wife will remain on OptiFast.

I haven’t broken my “carb addition” – meaning, for me, I still crave bread and pasta, chips, etc. but I do feel I’ve broken my “sugar addiction” because, even when I would fall off the wagon, it wasn’t back to the soda and candy that I used to wolf down. I’m hoping that won’t change as I transition from OptiFast to low-carb.

If, after talking to my nutritionist, things go the way I’m planning at the moment, my general “plan” is to move to a low carb diet until I get close to goal and then slowly adding in more carbs for a more balanced overall diet. By “low-carb” I mean that I’ll be aiming to consume between 30 and 35 carbs per day. The majority of the carbs will come from vegetables. Near goal I will add in carbs until I start to gain weight and then scale it back from there and just shoot to maintain.

I know there are a lot of folks who are anti-low-carb. And that’s fine. But, it’s worked for me in the past without making me feel sick or deprived and that’s going to be really important to me in order to continue to move forward. Plus, I just got a ton of experience (and enjoyment!) out of cooking low-carb for my wife before she started OptiFast so, I know I can make it delicious.

I hope to be able to properly verbalize more, after my meeting tomorrow and I feel a little clearer about where I’m headed and when, why I have reached this decision. Hope you are all well!