As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I spoke to my nutritionist at the clinic last night about coming off the OptiFast program. He was super great about it.

I explained my reasoning and he asked if I had a plan. I do have one so I laid it out. He was pleased that:

  1. I had really taken the time to think this decision through
  2. I use MyFitnessPal to track my food
  3. I had a plan already on the transition to food
  4. I plan to still come to the meetings each week – partly to support my wife, and partly to keep the accountability
  5. I mentioned that if by January I’m having any trouble, or not seeing the results I want, I’d like to do another round of OptiFast

Then I did my weigh-in and BP check. My BP was higher than it should have been, but I think that was nerves because I had been so anxious to talk to the nutritionist.

I weighed 286.6 last night.

I started at 333.2 pounds which means I lost right at 47 pounds in the 16 weeks I was on OptiFast. I believe that if I had been able to stick with the program more consistently, and not have those lapses so often, I could have lost as much as 60 pounds.

When I weighed in this morning, which is the number I pay more attention to than the weekly weigh ins, I was 278.7

I’m trying to decide how to deal with the differing numbers between the weigh-ins and my home scale. I think I’m just going to keep on as I have been – since I will still be weighing in once a week on Tuesday evenings. I’ll see about adding some new pictures to the Progress Pics page, as well.

My Overall OptiFast Thoughts:

So much of the program is your clinic/group/doctor. You’d think I’d include your fellow OptiFasters, but I’m not going to. Mainly because I noticed how much who is there fluctuates. But, your clinic, nurses, nutritionist, doctor do not. At least – I hope they don’t!

The products themselves are really not that bad. It’s a change, to be sure, but they’re not disgusting the way that people make them out to be. Have you ever had Carnation Instant Breakfast? Yeah, it tastes kind of like that. Which is unsurprising given that Nestle makes both of them. The bars are no worse than some protein bars I’ve eaten over the years – better than some, even. The soup seems to either be people’s favorite item, or least favorite. I only ever had the chicken and it wasn’t terrible, just terribly bland. And, without being able to add salt, I couldn’t doctor it enough to ever truly enjoy it.

Let’s talk about salt! Before OptiFast I had no idea how important salt was to your weight. We talk about “water weight” all the time and yes, I know that salt makes you retain water. But until this program I had no idea just how much it affected my body. I LOVE SALT. I didn’t realize how much. But I also love how much better my body is with a lower sodium level. I loved that I learned such an important lesson.

Depending on your personality and strengths, this program can work really well for you or kind of make you feel like your soul is being destroyed. LOL – but really. I’ve read numerous people belly aching and falling apart at the seams doing 2-3 weeks of it prior to weight loss surgery. Their hatefire was STRONG. I did it for 16 weeks. Which is kind of CRAZY. It appealed to me on certain levels but also worked hard against me on others. I like to think I’m sort of a middle-of-the-road person when it comes to how I did on OptiFast. And I’d like to add that this program isn’t easy. It was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. And it was just the FIRST LEG of my weight loss journey.

You may view the cost of the program (food, labs, doctor visits, fees, etc.) as “too high”. And, I know I’m privileged to be able to afford it. My point is that this program DOES WORK. It really does. I didn’t kill myself in the gym or even work out most weeks. I got about 5k steps per day if I was lucky. I didn’t take anything else other than some Vitamin D because I’m deficient. And I lost almost 50 lbs. Which is a lot – even if some days I don’t feel it.

So my final thought on OptiFast is: It works, it might be super hard for you, it might be really expensive, but it works and can change your life. It’s not just the weight loss, it’s breaking addictions/food behaviors. You have to work at it, of course, and you might only identify what your true demons are – not defeat them – but that knowledge is some really powerful stuff. I’d recommend this program if it’s an option for you.

Coming up next….

I’ve got a vlog to edit and get up as well as talk about my new low-carb diet for the next leg of my journey. I’ll post the vlog when it’s up as usual!