It’s been almost a whole week since I stopped the OptiFast program and started eating actual food again. When I started Optifast 17 weeks ago, the thing that scared me the most was coming OFF the program and having to pick and prepare my own food once again. The reason it scared me the most is that that was the point where I usually just got analysis paralysis and couldn’t make a good choice. So, thinking of spending all this time and money doing OptiFast and losing weight just to UNDO everything I had managed when it came time to shove food into my pie hole again scared me.

Not anymore. And I think so much of that has to do with going low carb. The other really helpful factor is that, thanks to OptiFast, my hunger just isn’t what it was. I spent 17 weeks eating food that didn’t appeal to me at all. I didn’t dread eating it most days, I just didn’t look forward to it. And that really helped me break the cycle of food as a reward. Or, maybe it’s the “eating to live, not living to eat” deal. Whatever it is/was, it’s been a really good thing.

I’m still waiting to get paid – just a few more days! – before I really stock up and can prep more food in advance. So this week I’ve been making breakfast as either “egg cups” (last week) or a taco meat quiche (this week). I carry a large lunchbox with me to work every day with ice blocks in it to keep it all cold. Along with my breakfast I usually include some combination of: Quest bar, Cheese sticks, pepperoni, sugar free jello, almonds.

Last night I made two hamburgers for my lunch today. I don’t have a grill, I just do them in the pan, and they were delicious. I also made what I call “broccoli chicken alfredo” a couple of days ago and had some for dinner that night, lunch at my mother-in-law’s house this weekend, and then the last of it as my “second lunch”.

I’m basically becoming a hobbit.

I cook by feel, not by recipe. However, I may start putting together some of my “meals” and putting it up here if anyone’s interested? I’m saving them as meals on MyFitnessPal so I can easily track all the nutritional information. I’m really bad with measurements so I’m trying to really work on that. I’m good about it when something has carbs (since that’s the main thing I’m counting) but can be bad about it otherwise.

Overall I’m feeling great. The first 2 days I kept getting a mild headache but 2 Advil fixed that (and a diet coke). I have more energy that I have and, today especially, I’m in a great mood.

Every Friday in our office we can wear jeans and tshirts – unless clients are scheduled to come in, that is. Last Friday, for those of you who do not follow my Instagram, I was finally able to wear my new size 42 jeans!


Of course the tighter pants made my belly stick out more, but that shirt wasn’t really that tight on me – I was pulling it up and out on the other side so the jeans could be better seen. Why are we talking about my butt?? Anyway!

Tomorrow is the weekly meeting where I’ll have my official weigh in. I’ll post an update about that and everything. And I really do promise to get a vlog done. I’ve just been …. spending time with my wife, actually. We’ve been playing a TON of Carcassonne and Small World lately. And just talking – which is really very nice.

Please, please, please add me on MyFitnessPal if you use it. Here’s a link to my profile. Support is so very important. I’m going to make my diary public again so if you’re ever curious you can totally see what I’m stuffing in my face.