I’ve decided to do another round of OptiFast. I held my own and maintained my weight (within 3-5 lbs depending on the week) for about 6 weeks. If I had managed to add the gym to my routine, I might have seen some weight LOSS during that time. But, apparently I just didn’t want it enough because I didn’t DO it.


Today I start OptiFast again. I wonder if it’ll be any different? On one hand, I’m much more relaxed because I know what to expect. On the other, I’m a little cranky because I know what to expect. Heh. This week I opted for nothing but chocolate shakes as I find the soup hideous and the bars pointless. When I start chewing on my hand, I’ll get some bars. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll just chew my hand off. Anyone know how much a human hand weighs?

Fuck, now I’m curious. Oh, mighty Google machine, how much does a… well that’s just disappointing. Apparently a human male hand only weights about 1.25 pounds. FINE. I’ll buy the damn bars if I start getting chewy.

I talked to my nutritionist about why I wasn’t losing weight. He agreed I needed to go to the gym. But, when I tried to tactfully ask if I had destroyed my metabolism through doing OptiFast, he told me about the Biggest Loser folks. I’d heard some of the stuff that came out about it and we didn’t rehash that. All he said was that, even after all of the crazy they put the contestants through, they were only off by about 800 cals per day. So, I figure I’m pretty safe on the OptiFast in regards to what it’ll do to my metabolism.

He also told me about study results that showed a person who has weighed 200 pounds for like, most of their life, could eat more cals and maintain that weight than a person who had weighed more and had lost weight down to 200 lbs. Something about how our bodies are assholes that aren’t that efficient sometimes. I dunno, I’m doing a bad job of explaining it but it made sense at the time.

It’s one of the reasons why I like this nutritionist. The others I’ve seen over the years are all: CALORIES IN, CALORIES OUT – EVERYTHING ELSE IS A LIE!

And John, he’s all, dude, everyone’s different. We just have to find what works for you. By the way, I can totally tell you’re not getting enough water even though you say you are *long look*

And he’s right. I’ve been doing a bad job of getting enough water. He’s a smart man.

So, once more into the breach!

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