Another Summer is upon us. I’ve been spending my time reading. I’m doing a book challenge on GoodReads and I’m almost half-way to my goal. Sometimes I tell myself to stop reading so much, but I just can’t. It’s weird. I should probably use the time I spend reading going to the gym or for a walk or something. But I don’t. I escape into books.

I’m quitting smoking. Today is day 1. I finished off the cigarettes I had left last night so I wouldn’t be tempted to have even one today. I left all my vaping gear at home but I did bring a new flavor I just bought that is 0mg of nicotine for the new vape pen that should arrive today. I can only imagine how terribly bitchy I’ll be without nicotine.

However, I do take my klonopin every day so that might help curb some of that. Here’s hoping!

I’m trying to slowly get back into the healthier habits I created before. I’m going to the clinic every 2 weeks now, instead of every week, and I’m going on Mondays instead of Tuesdays. Today is a clinic day.

Not much else to report at the moment, but hope you are all well!